DIGILITE comes to rescue – Beats SATA HDD Shortage

Mumbai, 2 nd December 2011

DIGILITE the motherboard brand of SmartlinkNetwork systems limited has launched two new motherboards G41MX3-LT & A76ML-K with Parallel & IDE Port to beat SATA HDD shortage. Shortage ofHDD due to climatic conditions in Thailand is expected to continue into 2012, and the industry and SI partners are finding the going tough, however DIGILITE have immediately come to rescue to the channel partners and have added IDE port in their brand new model G41MX3-LT and DIGILITE AMD model A76ML-K.

Mr. Rajan Sharma, VP- Sales Marketing says, ‚ÄúSince SATA prices have gone up due to the stortage in the market and will remain high in the coming new year as well, at DIGILITE we have come up with India specific product with in-build IDE port, in our new models G41MX3-LT & A76ML-K. As, we manufacture our motherboards in India, it gives us tremendous advantage in terms of economy of scale & helps serve our customers on priority. It is only because of this, we are able to react promptly & on priority to meet all channel needs, and design product keeping the market conditions in mind”.

Although the devastating floods in Thailand have had a massive impact in the component industry by soaring the rates of most crucial components, the full extent of the impact on the tech industry is only now becoming clear.

The extensive floods have not only caused difficulty in purchasing new hard disk drives (HDD), but also second hand or refurnished HDDs as theses are being bought up in increasing number instead of new drives. Hence to meet this high demand for old HDD and to tide over the shortage, DIGILITE motherboard brand of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd have come with cost effective solutions within very short span in order ensure sufficient options in the channel.

DIGILITE motherboards have achieved good market share in a very short span of time which in itself is a big achievement. Smartlink Network Systems Ltd has its manufacturing set up in Goa and so far it has manufactured more than 8 million motherboards. DIGILITE is targeting to reach a milestone of 1 Lac motherboards by this quarter. DIGILITE is one of the fastest selling motherboard brands in India.

About Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. (SNSL):

SNSL is one of the leading converged communication systems player in thefield of Networking. Company was established in the year 1993 to prop Indian market in the field of Network Infrastructure. Pioneer in the filed of Active & Passive networking, it offers an integrated value proposition from design to development and from sales and marketing to service and support. Active/Converged Communication Products under brand name ofDIGISOL, manufacturing of motherboards under brand name DIGILITE and its post sales service under the brand name DIGICARE.


As an Indian company for more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing motherboards right from the dates of 8026/80286, Smartlink has introduced a new brand for motherboards under brand name DIGILITE. Company has a significant competitive edge with its cost effective manufacturing, its brand building expertise and strong distribution.