• DIGILITE extends Burnt Warranty on new models of Motherboards

    Mumbai, 29th August 2012:
    DIGILITE the motherboard brand of Smartlink has extended theBurnt Warranty on new models of its Motherboards. The new motherboards on which DIGILITE has extended its burnt warranty are DL-960GM-GS3-FX, DL-E35LM1, DL-PV530A-ITX and DL-880GMLE-FX. DIGILITE announced 'burnt warranty' on their models during launch in Jul 2011. Mr. Rajan Sharma, Vice President – Sales, DIGILITE said, “Channel has ap acknowledged this as unique strategy from DIGILITE. With several new models being launched in last 2-3 months especially for the AIO segment where integration in crucial with the LCD/LED monitor, 'burnt warranty' is extended on all new models. DIGILITE has always have focused on quality components & with price/performance strategy to ensure lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)  for   channel   /   SI   partners   'burnt   warranty' Keeping in view of voltage fluctuation problems in India DIGILITE had introduced Burnt Warranty on its Motherboards. Under this value added post sales service, the company repairs/replace the motherboard that‟s burnt due as component levels. All DIGILITE motherboards are specially designed keeping in mind, the Indian conditions. DIGILITE motherboards come with India specific port protection circuits, these are implemented to offset electrical fluctuations. DIGILITE also does o „saltevaluatespray„moisturete‟t withsta motherboards. This is useful as India has big coastline & major channel base in cities near the
    About Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. (SNSL):
    Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. was established in the year 1993 to prop the Indian market in the field of Networking Infrastructure. Known for its honesty, ethics and integrity, today Smartlink is one of the most experienced and respected IT company in India. Smartlink is a pioneer in bringing IT Networking Products and Technology to India and has the distinction of being one of the first company to start manufacturing of IT Networking Products in India. Smartlink has over two decades of experience in Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales & Service with its own brand and brand building in the IT Industry and has a strong Pan-India Network of channel partners. The company addresses the needs of customers ranging from Enterprise to SME/SMB and SOHO to home users and from across the verticals i.e. Government, BFSI, Education, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, to name a few. Smartlink brand portfolio includes DIGILITE, DIGISOL & DIGICARE.
    About DIGILITE:-
    As an Indian company for more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing motherboards right from the dates of 8026/80286, Smartlink has introduced a new brand for motherboards under brand name DIGILITE. Company has a significant competitive edge with its cost effective manufacturing, its brand building expertise and strong distribution.
    Press Contact:
    Mr. Ram Kanojia, [022] 30616692/ 9867322755/ ram.kanojia@digisol.com