• DIGISOL delivers best-in-class PoE solutions

    Mumbai, January 7th 2015:
    PoE is becoming an increasingly popular way of powering devices through an Ethernet cable/port rather than using a separate mains supply.  In today’s networked world every device is connected on IP whether it’s wired or wireless. Wireless connectivity is equally important as wired connectivity since is provides mobility and more flexibility of deployments.

    For most office networks the infrastructure are more like Wireless for LAN and Wired for HPC datacenters. Wireless Access Points are integral part of any office LAN or hotel infrastructure today and aesthetics designs are adaptive in interiors. The only challenge faced earlier was power socket provisioning at each install points.

    “Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a rapidly evolving technology that requires every component in the PoE ecosystem to keep up if it’s to be more widely adopted” said Jayesh Kotak, Vice President, Product Marketing, Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. “New high-power standards require high-performance protection solutions. This new class of devices from Digisol delivers excellent capability of PoE and we believe it will play an important role in the ongoing adoption of high power PoE.”

    Similar is the challenge for IP Surveillance solutions where IP cameras are mounted in key areas and need power connections. The benefit of IP video is that the same cable that is connected with the camera can also be used to power it, reducing the need for multiple cables to every camera, reducing clutter, and installation costs.  PoE switches and adapters are useful for times when local power outlets are not available. Power is drawn from the power source near the switch and then routed over Ethernet cables. Digisol’s PoE Solutions combines electrical power and Ethernet signal on CAT5E/ CAT6 cable and plugs into PoE capable APs/ cameras to power “ON” and feed signal. This provides more unified solution by removing plugging adaptors and many wires. PoE (Power over Ethernet) is basically a power extension via Ethernet cable. It requires a PoE switch or PoE adapters. PoE switches will send power and data to either a PoE enabled device that can take power and data from a single Ethernet cable and the attached PoE switch; or a PoE terminal adapter that splits the power out of the Ethernet cable at the end of the line and connects to a standard power input on the networked device.

    Digisol provides cutting edge PoE solutions for serving different PoE needs today in terms of power, distance and I/Os. For end-to-end experience, Digisol has PoE solutions which are not only PoE switches but also IP Cameras and Wireless Access Points which are 100% PoE standard compliant. The various products in Digisol’s PoE range support different PoE outputs of 70W, 75W, 130W, 190W, 220W and 370W with 4, 8, 24 and 28 ports. These PoE products have wide application market like entry level surveillance, entry level wireless, IP surveillance for campuses and enterprises, PC connectivity and niche managed campus connectivity requirement.

    Below are the list of DIGISOL PoE Switches, DG-FS1008PF/E, DG-FS1008PH, DG-GS1008PF, DG-FS1510HP, DG-FS1526HP, DG-GS1510HPE, DG-GS1526HPE, DG-GS4628HP, DG-GS4526HP and DG-GS4628SP

    About Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. (SNSL):

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